It's always a good time to sleep.

The World Wide Rolling Nap Manifesto

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Humans are a species capable of destroying life on earth, but that “Pursuit of Happiness” is a far better and more reasoned pursuit.

Relax, Take Off Your Slacks - John Pendergast and James Velvet

The World Wide Rolling Nap is a call for a restructuring, a reordering of mores, values and a paradigm shift that sets a considered balance between the ratio of work to play. All action has reaction. All human activity and now over activity affects one another, our fellow creatures and the very planet we share – as it hurtles through space and time. Unfortunately, much of this affect is negative. Humans do the least damage to the environment as they sleep. The nap, the siesta was a good idea lost in economic excess.The world wide rolling nap is a call for its return. A call to drop all production for at least one hour each and every day – to reteach relaxation and in turn reduce the world wide carbon footprint by that hour.

Economics, religion and the protestant work ethic are the white noise of the first world with a constant din of growth regardless of consequences, regardless of sustainability – bigger, better, more – biggest, best, most, – more, more, more. The promise of modern convenience was more time for leisure. The reality has been more work, longer hours and multiple jobs for survival. Those at the top chip away at leisure, continually demanding more work with less benefit.

We are probably born happy. Only as we are faced with the wants of survival, do we have concern. As long as we have nourishment and shelter for ourselves and our families, we are happy. There is really nothing to pursue, but the pursuit continues. Social mores and values change over time. Relax the work ethic to a work then play ethic – or work then rest ethic… take-a-break, do-nothing, meditate, lay back and tap a nap.

Launched Labor Day September 2, 2013

Overpopulation exacerbates all the world’s problems. If you choose to do more than sleep with another, please remember birth control.

What’s in an Hour? 623,292,349.6 kWh of electric usage world wide.

If everything shut down for one hour each day for one year the world wide energy savings could amount to 623,292,349.6 kWh
Prices vary, but the average cost of 1 kWh in NY is $0.181 multiply that by 623,292,349.6 kWh and the savings comes to $112,815,915.278 or about 113 Million dollars (U.S.) saved per year
The Math:
*2008 World Wide Energy Consumption: 15 tWh (Terawatt hour)
Or 15,000,000,000 kWh (kilowatt hour)
15,000,000,000 kWh divided by 366 Days equals 40,983,606.56 kWh per day
40,983,606.56 kWh divided by 24 hours equals 1,707,650.273 kWh used per hour
1,707,650.273 kWh used per hour times 365 days equals 623,292,349.6 kWh per year
623,292,349.6 kWh per year would be saved if everything was shut down for one hour each day.
*2008 leap year/366 days