It's always a good time to sleep.

American Idle

Billy X. becomes the American at Idle in his latest work in progress the 24-Hour World Wide Rolling Nap – which is in fact – just that. It’s an attempt by a somewhat hyperactive artist to control impulses and nap for 24 hours. InClimate: Climate Change Solutions, Awareness and Action: is a multi-year project conceived… Read more


Rolling Nap Project – Winona Daily News

‘He just goes for it’: Winona artist Billy X. Curmano challenges boundaries in art, life | Winona Daily News – Sunday, February 22,2015


Submit Your Nap Stuff

Be part of the Rolling Nap. Send us your finest nap stuff… or even your not-so-fine nap stuff. Sleep images Lullabies (typed words or mp3 files) Nap testimonials Napping tips Things that bore you to sleep – specific movies, books, TV shows, public events, home and school stuff, etc. Send us your Nap Testimonials using… Read more



Official World-wide Rolling Nap Fine Art T-shirt

Organic Cotton – Design Billy X. Curmano The World Wide Rolling Nap is a performance and environmental statement. It is a call for a restructuring, a reordering of mores, values and a paradigm shift that sets a considered balance between the ratio of work to play. All action has reaction. All human activity and now… Read more