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Catherine Cleary
2015/03/18 at at 7:52 pm

“Hobo’s Lullaby” is my favorite lullaby.

Go to sleep you weary hobo.
Let the towns drift slowly by.
Can’t you hear those steel rails hummin’?
That’s the hobo’s lullaby.      (THIS IS THE CHORUS, to be sung after each of the following verses)

Don’t you worry ’bout tomorrow;
Let tomorrow come and go.
Tonight you’re in a nice warm boxcar,
Safe from all that wind and snow.   (CHORUS)

I know your clothes are torn and tattered,
and your hair is turning gray.
Rest your head in weary slumber;
You’ll find peace and rest someday.   (CHORUS)

I know the police cause you trouble;
They cause trouble everywhere.
When you die you’ll go to heaven;
There’ll be no policemen there.     (FINAL CHORUS)

Written by Goebel Reeves
Recorded by Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Utah Phillips, Woody Guthrrie at various times

Cary Nixon
2015/03/18 at 4:59 am

A short poem about sleep from a sleep deprived person:

I Dream Of Sleep  
Cary Nixon

When I dream, I dream of sleep,
For when we dream, we take a leap,
A leap to lands where wishes’ ghosts,
Come forth to show what we want most.

judi ann nelson
2013/09/20 at 4:50 pm

I hated napping as a child EXCEPT at “grandma’s house”. When she put me down for a nap in her room, she would fall asleep almost immediately, giving me a good hour of putting on her glasses, clipping on earrings, playing with lipstick,and stumbling around the room in her high heels, unable to see a thing through the bell jar lenses of her glasses. When she’d wake up she would scold me for getting lipstick all over my face, losing earrings under the bed, scattering her “pumps”, and smuding her glasses, but those afternoons of glamourous imagining were worth it.

Wes Miller
2013/09/17 at 1:29 am

After a morning of three 80 minute classes, I often take a 10 or 15 minute power nap in my office during lunch time… Powered up and ready for an afternoon of meetings.

2013/09/16 at 11:52 pm

Most boring classroom lecture – Mr. Phillips, Earth Science, 9th grade… however 30 years later (after discovering a love of geology), I probably wouldn’t find his lectures so boring.